October 2011

Something to smile about

In a recent BBC documentary about golfing hero Rory McIlroy, the camera panned down to his US Open trophy in pride of place on a display table. Directly above this hung a stunning original painting by award-winning British artist Doug Hyde. The camera held the shot and that hard-won trophy just had to wait! Rory McIlroy is one of many famous names from Hollywood stars to Michelin starred chefs to collect Doug's bright and engaging pictures. He was described as the UK's most popular living artist on the BBC TV National News, which came as no surprise to the thousands of art lovers who have been collecting his work for the past eight years. His trademark smiling face has captured the hearts not just of the nation but also of the world. On his recent tour of Japan he was feted across the country creating a media sensation, and his admirers queued around the block for the opportunity to meet him and have their artwork personalised.

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