Am now proud owner of my 11th picture my 12th piece, and everyone one of them loveable and endearing x thank you for bringing love, luaghter, light and colour into my life x

sandra white
2010-01-26 22:37:23

Hello Doug! i had the pleasure of meeting you at your exhibition in Tokyo at Tamagawa Takashimaya last year. Since then, I purchased "Written In The Stars" and am very much enjoying your work! I am planning on going to your show at the Shinjuku Takashimaya and looking very much forward to seeing your new collection.

2009-11-01 01:40:29

Hello Doug, We have "Just the two of us" proudly displayed in our home in Canada and it is always a talking point when we have friends over. We can't wait to come back to the UK at Christmas and purchase another piece from your new collection. We love your work :-)

2009-10-17 00:50:51

Hi Doug, My husband and I have 'Tender love and care' and 'Something to share' in our living room and our 8 week old son, Noah loves to stare at them. He even laughed when looking at them this morning. We love your work. Thank you for creating such lovely, cheerful pieces. One day we'll let Noah have his own 'Doug Hyde' picture in his room. Would you do a Noah's Ark? Thanks

Sarah Girling
2009-10-12 11:38:11

Doug really enjoyed meeting you in northallerton on friday and a special thanks for taking time to sign the photos of faye holding a copy of big foot. it will be a teasure for her and the baby when it comes along in feb. we also really liked the fact that you had the involvement in making the piece. In the car on the way home we alll voted you a really nice bloke and could understand how you could make such hartwarming paintings. thanks again - peet

peet charlesworth
2009-10-11 11:55:38

Hi Doug, I am due to collect Lost Without you and Our Place along with a sculpture on Friday from Hawthorn Gallery. These are my first purchases of "real art!" I could not resist Lost Without You as we bought our first family dog ... a black lab ... last year! Thanks sooo much x

2009-09-30 20:19:42

Just discovered your wonderful work. To me it sums up so much of my life. I too have lost my mum and hope to invest in a piece of your work in her memory. The simplisity shouts out at you deep meaning that words could not. Fantastic.

Alison Allen
2009-09-29 12:39:12

Hi, To the man behind the smile! ( and what a smile that is) First I would like to thank you for the amazing images you produce, You make such a connection to so many people with all you pictures. E.g we first brought "One in a million" when me and my wive first met and made us smile and think of each other every time we saw it. E.g we brought "Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow" for our wedding which we fell in love with. Because that is us. E.g my nan past a way and left a little money to me so we brought "you make me smile" which remind me of her I could go on all day saying why your art work make me smile . and how it touch our heart in different ways. over 15 pieces later!!( and we still looking we need some thing for the hall!!) lol Would love to meet you when you are next in the midland. Keep smiling Dominic & Laura

2009-09-26 10:26:58

Hi Doug, I have just inherited some money and wanted to spend the money on a piece of art in rememberance of my Mum. I sold some of my Mum's jewellrey to do this and managed to buy 3 pieces from your latest collection. I wanted to let you know that I felt inspired to buy the pieces because of the love, kindness and the happiness portrayed in the pictures. They will take pride of place in our new home. I just wanted to let you know that it gave me great comfort. Thanks, Nic

2009-09-15 20:07:41

hi doug, i just wanted to say i love your art work. I am buying my first peice to celerbrate my first wedding anniversary. I also promise to keep buying your work. Thanks for the great work. from lisa

lisa foster
2009-09-14 13:07:29

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