The Hyde Phenomenon

Since Spring 2003 Doug has enjoyed a meteoric rise to fame.
His inspirational images and sculptures have been instant sell
outs leading him to win the coveted title of Best Selling
Published Artist at the Fine Art Trade Guild awards in 2005.
As well as official success, Doug has been recognized by
the media with invitations to appear on local and national
TV and radio programmes. He even made the BBC TV
National News on which he was described as "the UK's most
popular living artist". Finally, and most importantly,
contemporary art lovers paid Doug a rare tribute which
demonstrated the immense popularity of his work
and the loyalty of his many collectors: in early 2006,
Doug's one hundredth limited edition sold out.

Since then Doug's popularity and profile has
increased both at home and abroad, and he has
recently returned from a sell-out tour in Japan.
Yet despite his phenomenal success he has never
lost touch with the realities of life, and has
continued to produce work based around
his love for his family, his unfailing optimism
and his sheer enthusiasm for life.

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