Man Behind The Smile

The Creative Impulse

I find inspiration for my painting can strike at any time, whether through my own emotional response to something, or through observing somebody else's obvious love for another person or animal, or simply something funny that catches my eye. Sometimes I will hear a phrase spoken and immediately visualise a picture - I then work around that phrase and use it as a title for the finished piece. My ideas are generally spontaneous and mood driven, regardless of whether that mood was good or bad. Painting like this gives me complete fulfilment: being able to create an entirely individual and personal piece of work, from visualising the idea in my head, sketching it, painting it and finally seeing it completed gives me immense satisfaction.

I paint as I love it. It excites me and I look forward to the challenges producing a piece of art brings.Always the image is based on something that has captured my imagination from my life, past or present.

I still paint as if the artwork is for me and me only, and this retains its honesty.

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