The Authenticity of Imperfection

While working full time on artwork for briefs,
Doug spent his evenings and weekends on what he
refers to as his private work. Given a free rein,
his approach became less perfect but more "authentic".
The effect of this stylistic shift was to transform
his art from something rigid and static into something
overflowing with warmth and life. Friends and family
began to request original paintings and before long
Doug sold his first piece. It had never been his
intention to sell his artwork and he found it surprisingly
difficult to part with one of his paintings, but when
he was invited to exhibit some work in Yorkshire,
he discovered that he was going to have to get used
to it. He had painted purely for his own home or for
friends and family, and discovering that the work sold
was a lucky accident. For the first time Doug began to
consider the possibility of giving up his day job and
becoming a full time artist. He then received a phone
call from the framer who had worked on the Yorkshire
exhibition who suggested that he should approach
a publisher. Doug looked carefully at the reputation
and the portfolio of each major publisher and decided
to contact DeMontfort Fine Art. DeMontfort introduced
his work to the wider public, and from that moment
on his success was assured.

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