The Artist Emerges

As soon as he left school Doug worked in a
draughtsman's office until in 1989 he attended
a technical drawing exhibition. Fascinated with
the skill of technical illustration he applied for the
course despite having none of the required
qualifications - an early example of his tenacity
as far as talent and artistic ambition were
concerned. His positivity was rewarded when
an exception was made and he was accepted on
the basis of his portfolio of artwork which was
judged to be outstanding. Doug passed with distinction
and set out on a career in illustration, specialising
in airbrush artwork, brimming with a new confidence
and excitement. The work he produced at this
time was beautifully composed with meticulous
attention to detail, essential qualities for
the presentation of accurate technical artwork.
Doug was proud of his professional success,
yet he quickly became restless.
He was using his artistic talent every day,
but his imagination was fettered by
restrictive briefs and his creative flair
was simply not allowed to shine through.

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